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cover image of article Message from BOSTES President
Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Message from BOSTES President

Welcome to the first edition for 2015 of the BOSTES Bulletin.

BOSTES was created just over a year ago as a forum for building authoritative commentary on teaching standards and the quality of student learning.

The new organisation brought together the three cornerstones of education standards - curriculum, student assessment and teacher quality.

This year BOSTES will take another step forward in fulfilling its charter. An important aspect of our work in 2015 will be disseminating research that builds on the policies and programs announced over 2014. BOSTES will identify research priorities in close consultation with teachers, teacher representatives and all stakeholders.

Of course, BOSTES relies completely on the expertise and support of teachers and principals. This year will be no different. I look forward to working with your organisations in the interest of students, and improving still further one of the world's great education systems.

Tom Alegounarias


cover image of article Registration Process for the NSW Government Schooling System commencing in 2015
Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Registration Process for the NSW Government Schooling System commencing in 2015

BOS 1/15

Who needs to read this notice:

In 2014, the Education Amendment (Government Schools) Act 2014 amended section 27 of the Education Act 1990 so that BOSTES is, with the assistance of the Department of Education and Communities (DEC), to provide advice to the Minister on the compliance by NSW government schools with requirements similar to those required for the registration of non-government schools.

Read the Media release from the Minister for Education - 28 May 2014 pdf.

The Registration Process for the NSW Government Schooling System Manual is now available. 

The Manual describes the similar requirements for the registration process for the NSW government schooling system and the process to be implemented by BOSTES commencing in 2015.

BOSTES and DEC will continue to consult on the quality assurance process and the source and nature of documentation necessary to demonstrate policy implementation and compliance with the requirements.

This consultation will have particular regard to minimising any additional administrative burden on either DEC or individual schools and on utilising any existing or future DEC systems or processes that serve a similar purpose to BOSTES systems or processes.

Further information about the new registration process is available on the BOSTES website.

For government schools, more information about DEC’s system processes, contact:
Leah Anderson
Leader, School Effectiveness, Improvement and Validation
High Performance
Department of Education and Communities
(02) 9244 5551

For more general enquiries about the BOSTES process, contact:
Stan Browne
Inspector, Registration and Accreditation
(02) 9367 8156

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