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cover image of article BOSTES President's update
Friday, 02 October 2015

BOSTES President's update

Welcome to the Term 4 series of the BOSTES Bulletin. Our readership continues to grow and is now at 33,000, up from 30,000 at the beginning of the year. This shows the importance of the bulletin and why we want to make sure it meets your needs. As always, if you have any feedback about the bulletin please let us know. You can email with your comments.

Continue to teach the existing NSW syllabuses

In response to recently announced changes to the Australian Curriculum, I wish to confirm that the implementation of the new K-10 NSW syllabuses will continue as agreed between BOSTES and the school sectors.

This is for a number of reasons:

  • Many adjustments to the Australian Curriculum approved by the national meeting of Education Ministers in September have already been adopted by NSW as part of its syllabus development process. This process included consultation with the sectors.
  • Changes to syllabuses in NSW are made by the Education Minister on the advice of BOSTES.
  • NSW has already announced that teaching degrees will need to ensure graduates have the skills and confidence to teach phonics, and that the PDHPE syllabus will include specific references to domestic violence from 2016.
  • Our syllabuses achieve the right balance between key themes such as the nation’s Aboriginal and Western heritages.


Next week more than 77,000 students start their written exams. About 69,000 will complete the HSC.

It is an exciting and challenging time for all and I wish every student the very best.

The NSW HSC is an internationally regarded credential built on high quality syllabuses, taught by experienced and committed classroom teachers working in the state’s 900 or so high schools. Students have every reason to be proud of their efforts to date, and be confident that their 13 year journey from Kindergarten to Year 12 prepares them well for the HSC.

Students and staff involved in the exams and travelling through or into the Sydney CBD are reminded that there are changes to the bus routes and timetables. Check the 13500 Transport website for details.

cover image of article Stage 6 Korean Beginners additional support materials
Friday, 02 October 2015

Stage 6 Korean Beginners additional support materials

BOSTES 28/15

Who needs to read this notice:
Curriculum co-ordinators
Year advisers
HSC co-ordinators
HSC markers
Head Teachers, Languages
Korean Teachers

Implementation of the new Stage 6 Korean Beginners syllabus will start for the Preliminary course in 2016 and be first examined in the 2017 HSC.

The following syllabus support materials are now available on the BOSTES website:

  • Korean Beginners: Advice on Programming and Assessment
  • Korean Beginners Sample HSC questions

For more information, contact:
Howard Jacobs
Inspector, Languages
(02) 9367 8152

October 02, 2015
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